Our Mission & Vision

First Baptist Church of Rushford
Glorifying God by

Striving to:

…Love People  …Learn God’s Word  …Live by Jesus’ Example

The mission of the First Baptist Church of Rushford is to: minister to the needs that we encounter (James 2:14-17),  meet individuals in our community and around the world with the Gospel (Matthew 28:19-20), mature through the study of God’s Word (Ephesians 4:12-16), and make disciples by teaching others to follow God’s Word (Philippians 4:9).



We believe that God has a desire for every person to be saved.  We also believe that Jesus’ desire for us after we come to know Him involves action on our part.  It is our desire for the church to be a place where anyone can come to know Jesus, or come to know Him better, and have opportunities to share God’s love with others in word and deed. Our purpose here at the church could be boiled down to three words: study, serve, and relationship.

Study: The foundation for anyone’s relationship with Jesus is the Bible, that’s why it is so pivotal for a believer in Christ to learn God’s Word.  This is where we get the “know-how” to live the life we’ve been called to.

Serve: As we learn, we become aware of ways that we should follow Jesus’ example in loving people. The word Christian means “follower of Christ” and Jesus was a servant.  Jesus loved people.  It is impossible for us to follow His example without seeking to do the same.

Relationship: The old cliche that people “don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” holds a great deal of truth.  People need to know Jesus as their Savior and we are not able to introduce them if we don’t get to know them first.  Jesus said that love should be a primary description people use when they describe His followers and it is our hope to follow that command.